Book Talk with Donna McDonald
Book Talk with Donna McDonald
Donna McDonald

Welcome to Book Talk with Donna McDonald

Official Book Celebration Site of Donna McDonald

About Me

Hi. I'm author Donna McDonald. This is my official celebration site where I will host talks with readers about my stories. This is also where I will host new book release parties, fun new things happening, and post excerpts.

To gain access, download the Mighty Network app to your mobile phone or tablet. Or you can can access this site through your computer's browser. Once you're set up, you can choose to join an book group and be notified about only those stories that interest to you. 

Why You Should Join Me

I created this place so I could talk to my readers about my books in a safe, uplifting, and best of ad, ad-free environment. If you read any of my books, you're welcome to share some laughs with me.

Joining also means you won't miss a release party for any of the books you've loved, and I won't miss the chance to visit with you. Readers are the reason I write.

A Big Thanks

Thanks for joining me. I'll try my best to make this a fun site for you.